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8 May
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I am an Alan Rickman/Severus Snape obsessed individual, currently living in France. I blundered into the world of Harry Potter fanfiction after the publication of HBP when I discovered Mugglenet, and after that, Ashwinder. Since then, I have begun writing some SS/HG stories. This seems a good a place as any to post them.

To that end, please note that my stories contain adult material. If you are under 18 don't read them. If Hermione/Snape squicks you don't read them. Hermione is always over the age of consent in my fics and I do not condone the idea of a relationship between a teacher and an underage pupil in any way. All material, of course, remains the intellectual property of JK Rowling. I make no money from my scribblings, I write for pleasure, albeit a perverted one, and not for profit.

Due to the current climate on LJ, I am no longer posting any stories or updates in this journal. The new home for my fics can be found at: melusin_la_fey

As regards friending, I will generally friend you back if I've seen you around, otherwise please comment. I will not, however, friend you if your journal is primarily in a language that I do not understand.

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